About Suantraí Psychotherapy: 

Suantraí Psychotherapy, 
supporting women's mental health throughout the reproductive life cycle. The name Suantraí pronounced Soonthree is an Irish term meaning Lullaby, to be held or contained. The purpose of psychotherapy is to provide a safe space where you feel heard and supported when life becomes challenging.

How might psychotherapy help? 

At Suantraí Psychotherapy, we respect the singularity of each individual's  experience and how that presents and expresses itself differently. We understand the challenges, fears, and the rollercoaster of emotions that women can encounter when: 

  • Struggling with mood - related symptoms that come with hormone fluctuations of the menstrual cycle; PMDD, PME.
  • Trying to Conceive and/or are undergoing Fertility treatment.
  • Pregnancy, the perinatal phase through to the postnatal phase.
  • Perimenopause through to menopause.

Psychotherapy can support you in processing and making sense of the uniqueness of your situation. It offers a dedicated space, solely for you to speak and feel freely. It can help you to re - orient yourself amid unknown outcomes. Psychotherapy can provide insight helping you to notice the patterns of belief that you hold about yourself. It can also help you to re-find your resilience giving you back the much - needed vitality and support during challenging times.  


Why might you be seeking support at this time? 

  • Depression, Anxiety & Stress.
  • Complex Trauma.
  • Implications Counselling.
  • IVF & Assisted Reproduction.
  • Donor Conception.
  • Surrogacy.
  • Grief & Loss.
  • Perinatal & Postnatal Period.
  • Re - finding resilience. 
  • Relationships Issues/Intimacy.
  • Managing Expectations.
  • Peri - Menopause

Online Therapy:

How does it work?   

Online Therapy can be as effective as an in - person treatment for some clients. For online sessions, an encrypted video platform is used which is specifically designed for psychotherapy sessions. To get the best out of an online session, it is important that you have; A reliable internet connection, A private space for you to speak without interruption, Headphones (if required) and both Audio and Video function on your device. 


Suantraí Psychotherapy is not a crisis treatment support service. If you are in crisis, contemplating suicide or in need of immediate help, please contact your GP or visit your nearest Accident & Emergency department.

In Person Session:

Suantraí Psychotherapy

Rooms at "Counselling Connections"

27 Seatown Pl, Marshes Lower,


Please note: There are no in - person sessions available until September 2023