Perinatal Phase

What does it mean to you now that you are pregnant? Has the road up to now been rocky or smooth? Is this an unplanned pregnancy?  Has this pregnancy come about after a protracted amount of time, money and energy spent on Fertility Treatment? Is this a high - risk pregnancy due to underlying health issues or age - related factors? Have you experienced pregnancy loss before therefore making this pregnancy a very anxious time. Has this pregnancy come about through Donor Conception? Are you an Intended Parent having chosen Surrogacy to become a parent? The meaning we attribute to our pregnancy experience is unique as no one womans expression can be the same because we have all journeyed different paths up until this point.

How might Psychotherapy help?

  • Navigate the many emotions, thoughts and sensations that arise on the journey to becoming a parent. 
  • Support you in processing and making sense of the uniqueness of your situation. 
  • Provides a dedicated space, solely for you to speak and feel freely to help you to re - orient yourself amid unknown outcomes. 
  • Bring about awareness of your Adaptive Survival States: Fight, Flight, Freeze and Fawn and how to bring about balance and self - regulation in times of heightened states, such as anxiety or stress.