Postnatal Phase 

Baby has arrived and life has become a series of firsts: first picture, first bottle, first nappy change, first outfit, first bath, first time coming home, first time meeting family members. To say that life has been chaotic up until this point is an understatement and quite frankly you are exhausted!

How you and baby have made it to this point has been a massive undertaking and it can take time to make sense of, re- orient and re-find yourself again amidst all of the upheaval and change. The journey has been enduring both physically and emotionally and you may be surprised to learn that your expectations don't match up to your reality. How we experience this will vary from person to person.
  • You may be experiencing low mood or have symptoms of depression.
  • You might discover that bonding with baby is not coming to you naturally.
  • Your wish to breast feed is proving itself to be much more difficult than you anticipated. 
  • There is no order or routine, you are sleep deprived and everything feels chaotic. 
  • You may be struggling to manage the mood related symptoms of hormonal fluctuations.
  • You may have been diagnosed with post - Natal depression (PND).

How might Psychotherapy help? 

  • Psychotherapy during this time can be a useful support to help you process and make sense of the uniqueness of your situation. 
  • It will provide a dedicated time and space for you to speak and feel freely. 
  • It may give you much needed one to one time, to breath, contemplate and to re - orient yourself after a busy day, night, week. 
  • It can help you notice the patterns of belief that you hold about motherhood and how that is influencing your current life circumstance. 
  • It can help you to become aware of how your body responds to stress therefore enabling you to begin to cultivate solutions that can alleviate and shorten the duration of time spent in that state. 
  • It can support you in re-finding your resilience bringing you back into a state of balance through self - regulation.